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Refine Your Story with Expert Script Consulting

About Mic

About Mic

Who am I to judge?

Mic is a seasoned story analyst with nearly a decade of expertise in evaluating materials from pitches through completed films.

Where did I learn all this?

Having worked for institutions such as Sundance,
The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Skydance, NBCUniversal, DreamWorks Animation, Sugar23,
Final Draft, Screencraft
, and more,
Mic is well-versed in the intricacies of
screenplay contests, film festivals,
and studio film and television development.

What else do I do?

As a line editor and script doctor, Mic has assisted numerous screenwriters with refining their screenplays to enhance their chances of success in contests and garnering attention from studios, agencies, and management companies. 

Why me?

Additionally, Mic holds a master's degree in producing from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program. This educational background uniquely positions her to provide guidance on writing/revising scripts with production considerations in mind, offering a holistic perspective on screenwriting and filmmaking.

Story Analyst

From concept to
completed film,

Mic will give you
the tools you need
to take your story
to the next level

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, I have honed my skills as a script and story consultant. I've professionally analyzed materials of all genres, but I always love a good Sci-Fi, Thriller, or Horror. Additionally, I specialize in comedic storytelling.

As a writing mentor for students at The Second City, I pride myself on staying on top of the latest comedic trends and techniques, and leveraging these skills to elevate the quality of any project I work on.

Whether you need assistance with fleshing out an idea or refining a finished script, I am here to help.



Writing about Screenwriting
(and other things...)

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