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MIC (29), reads a script, taking in each detail to provide proper feedback to its writer.

Now that we have that cheesy opening out of the way... Ah, who am I kidding, there'll be even more cheesiness to come.


See, what did I tell you? I can't help myself!

I'm Mic, I've been a professional script analyst for nearly a decade. I started out as an intern for screenwriting education company: Roadmap Writers. I was mainly sending out email blasts and copy/pasting notes from executives to send to writers.


One day when my bosses needed someone to proofread a 300-page novel in 2 days, I offered to give it a go. I always loved proofreading, and fell in love with it again while completing the task.


From there, I became the company's go-to proofreader, and later founded their Line Editing services, where I took on work for about 7 more years.



During those 7 years, a lot more happened -- believe me! I learned proper script analysis by reading through all the exec notes I was sending out to writers, and realized it was something I wanted to try out for myself. My boss at Roadmap sent me a script to do sample coverage for, and the rest is history.


I found myself wanting to read more and more, and make script analysis my full-time job. So I applied to every. single. screenwriting. contest. I. could. find. If you've heard of it, I've probably read for it.

I was reading so many scripts for so many places, I would often get the same people's scripts in my queue for different contests. And a few years later when I started reading for agencies and management companies, I was so excited to see how far some of those writers I'd known from contests had come.


While reading full-time, I was also in school basically full-time, and doing PART-time internships. I graduated Suma Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a BFA in Film and Media Studies, then went on to hone my skills in comedic storytelling at The Second City Film School (where I currently mentor writing students!), and finally I earned my MFA in Producing from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program.



Throughout this time, I interned at some local production companies in Arizona, as well as Skydance and DreamWorks Animation, both of which I became a freelance reader for. Additionally, I became a Narrative Feature Film Screener for Sudnance Film Festival.


I graduated for the last time in 2022, and started working in the story/edit department for an unannounced feature film at DreamWorks Animation! I currently am working there, and am working towards eventually becoming a producer.

and later..... my ultimate goal...... is to run a studio!

(and then the world)

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Wonderful background and knowledge!

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